The Journey Begins Now

Giving back through life-changing experiences

Message to humanity

The time has come for you to make a choice. You must choose between good and evil.  

During the 70s the Canadians and their Government made a child symbolic of God and Satan then ritually molested and terrorized him for over 40 years. The crimes were not just against him though... They made it a fact that someone named God existed and that he was molested, so earth is ruined. Their crimes were an assault on every one. When you attack someone without justification you are being more bad than them and thus become worse. Worse is inferior... So, the Canadians became the worst people in the universe.  

When you know someone is bad and choose to provide them with goodness (pleasure, happiness or an improved quality of life) you are doing more bad than them and become worse/inferior. America, Britain and Israel were warned that their Canadian allies were the worst, yet chose to continue providing goodness to them and so became the worst. Then Canada was warned that they were worse, yet chose to continue pleasuring then and became the worst again. To this day they all continue pleasuring each other and so are the worst people in the universe.  

When you choose to be bad you are choosing to be worse and become filth. Thus you are proving that you are retarded and no one intelligent will ever care about you, love you or like you because an intelligent person would know that they would become worthless trash by being your friend and providing you with goodness. So, you would be stuck with retards forever and constantly lower the desirability of everyone you interact with. 

If you ally with a bad person that means you are providing them with friendship. That is bad and so you become worse than them.   

When you work you are providing goodness to everyone by pay taxes which are used to improve the quality of their lives and thus become the worst.  

When you buy products you are providing them with the means to pay taxes which improve everyone's lives so you become the worst.  

Since each country is a giant team, when you are polite to a bad person you are improving the quality of life of the team and become worse than them all.  

Since everyone in Canada, America, Britain and Israel is bad and act as a giant team, if you contribute or be nice to any of them, you become one of the worst people in the universe.  

Also, if you know someone is unknowingly pleasing bad people and don't warn them, then you are responsible for the pleasing and become worse than all because they act like a team.  

The definition of evil is morally wrong or bad... By choosing to provide goodness to evil people you become evil.  

What will you do now that you know what will make you evil?  

Will you prove yourself to be retarded and choose to be evil or will you choose to be good and renounce your citizneship then live off handouts?  

Remember, every time you work or buy something you will become the worst person in the universe. It's called being a loser or degenerate. You keep losing desirability...


Stay in the light